Rev. Al Sharpton Calls Leaked Emails From Sony Pictures Co-Chairman Amy Pascal To Producer Scott Rudin “Offensive and Insulting”

By Flo AnthonyBy Flo Anthony Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal has apologized for racially insensitive remarks made by her and producer Scott Rudin about President Obama in a series of stolen emails that were published online December 10.

Buzz feed published a story containing personal emails in which Pascal and “The Social Network” producer joked about President Obama’s favorite movies. Pascal asked Rudin: “Should I ask him if he liked Django,” with Rudin replying, “12 Years.”

“Or the Butler, Or Think Like A Man?,” continued Pascal. “Ride Along,” said Rudin. “I think he likes Kevin Hart.”

Said Rev. Sharpton: “The statements in the leaked emails by Sony Pictures Co-Chairman Amy Pascal to producer Scott Rudin are offensive, insulting and should be denounced in the harshest terms.

What is most troubling about these statements is that they reflect a continued lack of diversity in positions of power in major Hollywood studios. The statements clearly show how comfortable major studio powers are with racial language and marginalization. Her apology is not enough there must be moves by her studio and others to respect the African American community and reflect that respect in their hiring and business practices.

She should meet with Black leaders immediately to deal with the gravity of her statements as well as the inequality of how they do business. I have asked Rev. KW Tulloss of National Action Network’s Los Angeles Chapter to convene an emergency meeting to weigh further actions in this area.

These emails nominate Amy Pascal to be considered by some of us in the same light that we concluded and moved on the ownership of Donald Sterling of the L.A. Clippers.”

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