Creator of Knockout Gets New Show Green Lit  for October  2019

By Flo Anthony

To all  fans of the hit boxing docudrama Knockout, Season Four may not be on the horizon. The other night in Beverly Hills, California,  Steven Marcano attended Cash Jones’ Birthday party at the posh Mondrian Hotel. At the exquisite soiree, Marcano explained the future of Knockout’s Season Four by stating the following:  “Due to personal problems that put me and my series on hold, now that there are multiple offers from networks, I  believe the format needs to change so that up and coming fighters can have a bigger platform to perform on which will bring them more attention.”

Marcano stated the network which reaches 88 million homes has green lit 24 episodes along with four live events. This is a much bigger offer than previous deals. Plus,  this new format will showcase 10  fighters as their careers are followed throughout the 24 episodes,  and their pugilistic talents will be showcased on the four televised events. The boxer will fight a minimum  of eight times in 12 months with the intent to be ready for the top tier Marcano’s  Season Two Finale. Marcano explained that  the format is so different,  “It is just not Knockout.” 

Marcano’s deal is completed with television attached to it. Al Haymon’s PBC, Bob Arum’s Top Rank, Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Productions and Floyd Mayweather’s TMT are the U.S promoters, which all have standing television deals. Now Steven Marcano also has a standing television deal.  A relentless and hardworking entrepreneur who never gives up, Steven Marcano is striving to rise to the level of the great promoters whom he just named.

Title: TBA
Air date: October  2019
Live Event:  December 2019

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