NYC LGBT And Gay Rights Organizations Hold Protest Calling For Boycott Of Multi-Million Dollar Boxing Match

Jean, Randy and Floyd Rumohr
Jean, Randy and Floyd Rumohr.

NEW YORK – On April 7th, LGBT NYC Brooklyn Community Pride Center Executive Director Floyd Rumohr and officials from New York City-based LGBT organizations held a press conference to announce a national and local boycott of this weekend’s pro boxing match featuring welterweight Manny Pacquiao over his remarks about the LGBT community. Pacquiao was recently quoted as saying gay people were “worse than animals” and later read a bible verse that suggested gay people should be put to death. The rally opposing the fight and its sponsors was organized by LGBT rights advocacy groups and led by notable social activist Jean Shafiroff, author of the new book “Successful Philanthropy: How to Make a Life By What You Give.” The book contains a section on Manny Pacquiao’s philanthropic work which Ms. Shafiroff physically tore out and tore up at the news conference held at the popular Manhattan nightspot Posh Bar & Lounge.

The event featured inspiring commentary by Randy Jones, a member of the 1970’s disco group The Village People and a gay rights advocate. Ironically, Pacquiao is known in the ring as “Macho Man” which is one of Jones’ best-known hits. Pacquiao is an international hero in the sports world and has made a fortune by endorsing products and brands ranging from motorcycles, car batteries, pizza, beer, banks and real estate. The fight is expected to generate multi-millions in revenue and draw hundreds of millions of viewers world-wide. Posh Bar & Lounge is joining other gay sports bars in refusing to show the pay-per view telecast.