It’s All About Revamping His Image for Hip Hop Artist Mel Riv

By Robert Sauthoff
Associate Editor


Hip Hop recording artist Mel Riv is revamping his sound and image from his former Kyzier Kash persona, recently releasing a new single titled “Streets Keep Streets Keep Calling Me”, in preparation for his forthcoming full length sophomore album. Mel is no newcomer to the music industry, but maintains the hunger and motivation he had when he wrote his first rhyme.

Mel was raised in Kingsborough Projects, located in Brooklyn, New York. He was inspired by his surroundings, as well as other artists from his neighborhood.

BN: Hi Mel! Tell our readers a little about your new project?

MR: The name of the project is called the bear and the wolf. Its a callable mixtape with up and coming artist ronbang who is a child hood friend of mine. This makes it even more exciting to me because this is our first project together and we have known each other since we were 5, so of course the chemistry is there.

BN: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

MR: Life situations, things that I see, hear, feel, read; I’m like a sponge. I absorb all that’s going on and form it into a song you could picture.

BN: You’ve been in the business a while. What went wrong with your past deal?

MR: The people I was dealing with throughout my career just didn’t have the vision, determination or drive that I have, therefore we could never get over the hump.

BN: What lessons have you learned from your experiences in the business?

MR: It’s a grind and you definitely need to have some money or somebody with money willing to back you…lol

BN: What is some advice you would give other aspiring hip hop artists coming up in the game?

MR: It’s your dream, your talent! No one else’s,  so what you put out you get back. Treat your music like any other hustle, go hard or go home.

BN: How important is it to you to write about socially conscious content? Do current events inspire you?

MR: It’s important because I don’t want to mislead my fans,  what I mean by that is what u see isn’t always gold. People tend to be blinded by the fame and money but don’t know what it took to get there and what it takes to keep it..

BN: Where was your first live performance? Were you nervous?

MR: BB King, the legendary blues house in the heart of NYC,  and most definitely I was nervous.
BN:Who are some artists that have inspired you?

MR: No one as of now, currently. If I had to pick from when hip hop was really alive,  I would say the great BIG, 2Pac, Nashville and Jay Z.

BN: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 

MR: Reaping the benefits of all my hard work.

BN: Do you write your lyrics or do you like to freestyle? 

MR: Always wrote my lyrics and always will write my lyrics. Nobody expresses how I feel better than me.

Check out Mel’s single, “Streets Keep Calling Me” on soundcloud at:


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