TV Producer/Business Mogul Steven Marcano is a Man On The Move

After a tumultuous year which included divorce,haters fake news,  Steven Marcano sits with friend,  Gossip Maven Flo Anthony to discuss where his current status on finances, as well as mentally, creatively and spiritually.

Flo: Hey Kid.  Where you been? I havn’t seen you anywhere at all this year, and there are only four months left.
Steven: I’m good, just trying to get a few things together. So I decided to fall back a bit, but things are cool.
Flo: Well, I have to mention this. The grapevine claims you were involved in a lawsuit with a bank and an investigation took place for the Connecticut  Just Task Force.
Steven: Yes, there is an old ass lawsuit from 2005 that someone reposted on a site that I been appealing, and I’m on my last appeal now. If I lose I will pay.All of the other shit, like the Task Force  doesn’t even exist. That’s  just some hating  ass person  who did that.
Flo: Why would someone hate on you?
Steven: Throughout my career when things were good a lot of people ate with me.  Over the pass 18 months things slowed up, so I couldn’t help like I usedto.  So when you can’t help people, they tend to turn on you.
Flo: Are you having financial problems?:
Steven: No. It’s more like mental problems that have lead to financial change.
Flo: Explain.
Steven: I been good for a long time,  and I had a tight circle. Then my personal life concerning my wife and kids and my divorce started changing. I became depressed and removed.  I didn’t really care about business because without the business there is no me.
Flo: But, I understand you are about to film Knockout next month, and make a movie next year.
Steven: That’s true.  However Knockout should have been in the can by now, and the movie should be in pre- production, so  I’m about nine months behind,but this is where  God has me right now.
Flo: God knows where we all should be. Do you agree?
Steven: Agreed. It’s all God’s Plan.
Flo: So, I  nominated you for an award at this year’s Pocono Mountains Film Festival.
Steven: Thank you. We do make the best movies and television in my space. Hope we win.
Flo: So, right now,  you are good.
Steven: No, I’m great.
Flo: Thank you for talking to me.
Steven: I love you Flo.

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