Keri D. Singleton—Author/Radio Host

“The Wanderer’s Game”

Reggie Watson is an aspiring actor from Asbury Park, a forgotten seaside city on the Jersey Shore. He flees a home headed by a devoted mother who works tirelessly as a housekeeper to support her large family (which includes an abusive, live-in, deadbeat husband) for the unfamiliar, unforgiving streets of New York City. Reggie’s relentless pursuit to follow his dreams takes him on a journey which finds him falling in to the world of male prostitution. Determined not to become a statistic of that dangerous underworld, Reggie and his sidekick Chris hold on to their dreams as they navigate through bars, web sites, and hotel rooms. The Wanderer’s Game is based on a poem of the same name by Keri D. Singleton. The book pays homage to the author of one of Singleton’s favorite books “City of Night” (John Rechy). The journey of Reggie Watson is one that you won’t soon forget.

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