Flo Anthony’s 4th Novel Last Call For A Deadly Diva Is Out — By Wahida Clark Presents Publishing

The fourth novel in Flo Anthony’s “Deadly” Black Murder Mystery series, Last Call For A Deadly Diva, has been released by Wahida Clark Presents Publishing.

After marrying  Electronics and Racehorse owner Black billionaire Victor Dumas five years ago, Valerie Rollins became an instant widow after her husband succumbed very quickly to a rare form of  stomach cancer. Following his death, Valerie, who is the most renowned Black gossip columnist in the United States, found herself in an entirely foreign world of extreme wealth beyond her wildest dreams.  Victor left everything to Val, his son, playboy polo player Vance Dumas,  and his seven-year old grand-daughter Valencia.

Still working daily as a radio host and columnist, along with her trusted business partner, NFL Hall of Famer turned private investigator Rome Nyland, Val also sits at the helm of Dumas Electronics.  Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, with the exception of Vance, who has his own mansion nearby,  complete with three live-in strippers, Val and her crew, which includes her college sweetheart, MLB great, Royale Jones, are currently residing on the $54 million dollar compound in Bridgehampton, New York, which Victor gave to Val as a wedding gift.

Although this sounds like a perfect world for Valerie, Victor’s half-brother ,career criminal Valerian “Sincere” Davidson, will do anything to get his hands on the Dumas fortune as well as Royale’s millions. Follow the daily dose of death, despair and devastation that Sincere and his cast of sleazy characters dole out to Valerie and her loved ones. However, Sincere has a she-devil surprise in store for him in the form of a mysterious woman by the name of Aurora Darden. Take an electrifying ride this eclectic group of personalities as they navigate lust, love and seemingly never-ending danger through New York City, the Hamptons, Monaco and Las Vegas where there will finally be a last call for a deadly diva.

A multi-award winning journalist, radio host and bestselling author, Flo Anthony was the first Black woman to work in the New York Post’s Sports Department as well as the first Black person to work in the paper’s Entertainment Department and the legendary Page Six. Flo currently hosts the daily syndicated radio feature Gossip On The Go With Flo, helms the South O’ The Highway column in Dan’s Papers, writes a weekly syndicated newspaper column Go With The Flo,  and, publishes an online magazine, Blacknoir.nyc. She also represents 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist and former Light Heavyweight/Heavyweight Champion Michael Spinks.

A graduate of Howard University, Flo is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated and resides in the Kips Bay section of Manhattan in New York City.