Chicago Entrepreneur Karla Davis-Luster Pens Debut Novel “The Woman Tells”

Chicago native Karla David-Luster is a multi-tasking entrepreneur. She has her own fashion line and leads a think-tank for small business owners to network and collaborate. She has also been a force in the corporate world for companies such as Mrs. Fields, Burger King and McDonald’s. This innovative woman’s mother instilled within her at a young age that taking the path towards having one’s own solid business is the way to go. After she attained those achievements, Karla had a “bucket list” of goals she wanted to tackle outside of work and at the top was writing her first work of fiction – the steaming, salacious tales of romance “The Woman Tells.”

When it comes to stories of romantic relationship issues captured on paper and/or digital, this new book, “The Woman Tells,” takes the whole topic to levels that go way beyond the surface.  This captivating tome explores the world of love between people of color, which to the author is a love that is like none other.

“Black love is the most powerful and the strongest love two people could ever have – not taking anything away from other races,” says Ms. Davis – Luster. “Black love is based on several principles – respect, honor, loyalty, support and code. When you find those factors in a soulmate, the love becomes deeper. It’s one of the most powerful things one can have once it enters their lives.”

Says Karla, “For years I always wanted to write a book but couldn’t figure out what I wanted to write about,” Karla explains. “I had thought of maybe writing an autobiography or memoir, but decided to create a book based on various experiences that friends and others had in terms of love, relationships and how things can become quite complicated if not straight up messy in the romance department. This was after speaking with one of my clients who knew I wanted to write a book. So I had started writing ‘The Woman Tells’ a couple of years ago as an off-and-on thing. Then, when the pandemic hit, I achieved two goals – I opened my consignment store and finished writing my novel.”

“The Woman Tells” is indeed a spicy, tantalizing read, and it is available for sale on Amazon, which can be accessed on Ms. Davis-Luster’s website –