Millionaire Mogul Steven Marcano Expands His Diaper Dynasty To Television Production

The first African American to venture into the billion dollar industry of diapers and other products for babies and toddlers, the founder and CEO of My Lil Star Baby Products, Steven Marcano has tapped into his creative genius once again to become the creator and executive producer of Knock Out, the #1 television series on NUVO, which is owned by Jennifer Lopez. The show is currently gearing up for its third season to begin production in January 2016.

Knock Out is an action packed series that features nine professional boxers in different weight classes. This past season they traveled to Connecticut to train with three legendary boxing figures, Floyd Mayweather, Sr., “Sugar” Shane Mosley and John Scully. The show is hosted by former world boxing champion Roy Jones, Jr., who has often been referred to as “pound for pound, the greatest boxer in the game.”

States Marcano, “Knock Out’s ratings were up 900 percent this last season which was great for NUVO. As a result, we now have foreign distribution for the show in Russia, which was orchestrated by Roy Jones, Jr. as well as distribution in China and Russia, which was solidified by Paradigm Talent Agency.”

Now a Wall Street Television and Media force to be reckoned with, Marcano is launching a new television series called Ball Out, which will have a similar format to Knock Out..

“This show will revolve around three NBA legends who will scout for ten troubled teens whose scholastic and mental aptitude capabilities have prevented them from attending college, “ states Marcano.

Still the only African American in the baby products business, another minority, Jessica Alba, is also now in the foray with her Honest Baby Products business, which was able to acquire a billion dollars.

States Marcano, “My Lil Star is gearing up to also enter the billion dollar ring.”

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