Alyson Williams Releases Hot New Song “Summer Nights In Harlem”

Longtime R&B/Soul Singer, entrepreneur and radio personality Alyson Williams has unveiled her latest release, the single, “Summer Nights In Harlem.”

The veteran songstress brings a jazzy, mature, grown-folks vibe to “Summer Nights In Harlem,” as well as sweet sultriness to the accompanying “flip-side,” the ballad “The Romance Of You.” It is the sound Williams has been known for, dating back to her years when she was the first R&B singer signed to Russell Simmons’ Def Jam Records during the 1980’s. Her classic song “Just Call My Name” recently celebrated its’ 30th anniversary.

“Producer Maurice Lynch was putting together a Harlem jazz review and was referred to me by a mutual friend,” says Alyson. “After we completed the show, he offered two songs for me to record – ‘Summer Nights In Harlem’ and ‘The Romance Of You.’ I loved both tunes and offered to cut them with top notch veterans in the music industry- keyboardist Ray Chew (musical director for ABC -TV’s Dancing With The Stars), longtime sax man Kirk Whalum as well as Grammy Award winning bassist Christian McBride.”

A woman of many talents, Alyson also hosts a weekly radio show, Love Notes With Alyson Williams – In The Chill Zone on Tuesday evenings from 8-10 PM EST on WHCR.90.3FM  In addition, this multi-faceted wonder woman has a memoir coming out and her reality/talk television show, “The Gig, The Grind,” is on the horizon.

Blessed with an impeccable and soulful voice, Alyson is well respected by industry royalty and fans worldwide for her genuine heart, innovative mind, and honest lyrics. Her ambition and determination to create her own opportunities is precisely why she is successful, admired by many, and is the next bankable brand. Love and light, peace and blessings, miracles and music all define the Alyson Williams Experience.

“Summer Nights In Harlem” is available now on AMAZON APPLE MUSIC SPOTIFY YOUTUBE PANDORA.

Photo credit – Gregory Dantzic